From a young age, I've always asked the “why” behind many things. This innate curiosity has led me to dig deeper to quench my thirst for answers. Software engineering not only pleases my inner interest by continuously learning but also drives my hunger to find solutions.

Software engineering is akin to solving a puzzle without seeing the final picture. We start with a small piece of the puzzle, similar to a small block of code, and slowly the puzzle, or the code, becomes more apparent as we continue to develop it. This aspect became evident during my time at App Academy, where I realized my creativity could be limitless.


Texaco Gas Station (Oct 2016 - Jan 2019)

As a former manager of a gas station, keeping track of the many inventories helps me pay close attention to details. By not having out of stock items, the store runs smoother and less problems. Just like coding, if a piece of code is missing, the process slows down.


I'm a Software Engineer from App Academy:

  • I'm passionate about learning and continuously horning my skill to improve my software development.
  • I love to be challenge because the satisfaction of achievement is addicting.
  • I'm always looking for new ways to refine my code and expand my knowledge.
  • I have completed 2 solo projects and 1 with a team.



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